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     Their meticulous work coupled with a friendly and pleasant attitude makes them highly recommendable. Stroud Green Carpet Cleaners is a must-try.
     The ladies at the office are friendly and efficient, making the search for a cleaner effortless.
Dave Roseland22/05/2024
     My expectations were exceeded by their swift and thorough work on my windows.
Jake Yates16/04/2024
     This company's deep cleaning service greatly exceeded my expectations and left my flat looking brand new! Will definitely be choosing them again in the future.
Rosie Ortiz30/03/2024
     If you want a spotless and organized home, look no further than Carpet Cleaner Stroud Green. Their deep cleaning services surpassed all expectations and left me with a sense of calm after the chaos of a bathroom renovation.
W. Grey20/03/2024
     After working with their wonderful cleaner, I can confidently say that Stroud Green Carpet Cleaning Company's services are worth every penny.
Billy F.01/03/2024
     Not only did this team do an amazing job, but they also did it with a smile on their faces - talk about excellent customer service!
     You can count on this excellent company for professional, timely services at competitive rates.
Marie Danvers04/02/2024
     Our second experience with Carpet Cleaner Stroud Green for an end-of-tenancy clean was just as successful as the first, with us receiving our full deposit back without any issues.
S. Marino25/01/2024
     From start to finish, everything was handled with such care and attention, resulting in an amazing first-time experience. Can't thank the person enough for their exceptional work!
Jennifer Adams15/01/2024
     I am ecstatic about my experience at Carpet Cleaning Services Stroud Green. Conversations went seamlessly and smoothly, and the team members were all incredibly kind.
Keith A.18/12/2023
     Very good communication from the cleaners concerning timeframes, and they were always there promptly.
Miranda R.01/12/2023
     After trying many different house cleaning teams in the past, the most skilled one recently came to my residence - which inspired me to bring Carpet Cleaner Stroud Green back for deep cleaning.
S. Hollingsworth06/04/2023
     These guys did an excellent job with the carpet cleaning at my flat. It looks like I just bought it. They were able to remove every stain. They have cheaper rates than any other cleaning services I called, too.
Marcus D.21/05/2020
     Being part time residents, our domestic cleaning experience with Carpet Cleaner Stroud Green has been great. Their cleaners are always friendly and helpful. They are trustworthy too. I would definitely recommend them.
      Carpet Cleaning Services Stroud Green is amazing. I've been using their cleaning service for over a year and every time I end up really satisfied with the great results. This is a really affordable and professional service!
Angie D.21/07/2016
     I had broken my leg and couldn't get around like before so I needed some help with the house cleaning. My daughter suggested I hired Stroud Green Carpet Cleaning Company and I did and they did a terrific job. The cleaners were smart, prompt and equipped with all the things they needed to clean my home. I was very satisfied with the whole cleaning procedure and how careful they were when dusting and vacuuming among my possessions.
Judith Butler14/07/2015
     With StroudGreenCarpetCleaners, you can safely bet that your house will undergo a full transformation when they are done with it. Because I have three kids and an equal number of pets, it doesn't take long for my house to get messy. So I hire their cleaners every week and so far, I have never had an opportunity to complain about them. They always come on time and do such a brilliant job that my family loves coming back to the clean home after their visit. I would highly recommend to everyone.
     Pricing is a major consideration for me when hiring cleaning agencies. Now, I don't mind paying a significant amount as long as it is fair and I can be guaranteed that the results are value for my money. A lot of cleaning companies in the city charge very little but do a shoddy job at the same time. That's why I prefer working only with StroudGreenCarpetCleaners. The prices are always fair and competitive and the cleaning services leave nothing to be desired. If you're looking for a solid, dependable cleaning team you have found your match in this one!
     I was fed up with my furniture looking grubby but couldn't afford new replacement items. My sister suggested I hire a specialist upholstery cleaning firm to sort it. She gave me the name and number of StroudGreenCarpetCleaners so I called and booked a consultation. I was given the details on the procedure they used and a price which was good. I booked an evening appointment and couldn't wait to see the result. All I can say is that I was so pleased with the work; the cleaners did a brilliant job and the furniture just looked so bright and clean.
Kristen Oppenheim24/07/2014
     StroudGreenCarpetCleaners are the best cleaning company that I have ever used. In all honesty, those are not words that I ever thought I would write, but there you go. I have been using their cleaning service for a few weeks now, and I am continually impressed by how well they are managing to keep up the good work. Week in, week out, the house has looked excellent, and the place feels fresh and airy to be in. I can't recommend these cleaners enough, it is great to have someone to get the job done well.
James Johnson14/05/2014